10 Things to Do with a Holographic Umbrella

10 Fun Ideas for Holographic Umbrellas

We’re really excited about the new Holographic birdcage umbrella we have in stock and now that we’ve sold a couple, we’ve started thinking about how to get the most out of this awesome psychedelic umbrella, and we’ve come up with 10 fun things to try!

10 Things to Do with a Holographic Umbrella

Pictured above: Shelta Birdcage with Holograhic Border (left), Shelta Holograhic (right)

1. Watch the rain through the funky canopy.

Holographic is the most amazing new material that has hit the shops in the past few years and there’s a clear reason why. It’s trippy to watch, it grabs attention like nobody’s business, and it literally shines with every colour! So, on the next dreary day, why not take a moment to look up and see the world transformed from grey and grizzly clouds to an amazing technicolour blanket right above your head! The way the rain pitter-patters on the canopy is really pretty too. Just make sure you don’t stop in the middle of a walkway, or a road!

2. Hold a torch underneath and create a light show.

Have you ever seen a light show? Not fireworks, but the use of lighting to create an otherworldly atmosphere? Either way, even though it’s not raining you can still make use of your holographic umbrella to bounce colours around (indoors if you’re not superstitious or under a veranda if you’re a ‘just-in-case’ kind of person)  to create an ethereal light display using shadows and different parts of the umbrella.

3. Compliment an outfit even though it’s not raining.

You’ve got a really cool outfit but you just can’t figure out what needs to go with it… have you considered an umbrella? Use it as a stand-out piece or as a fun accessory. It’s an obvious addition when it’s raining, but how about on a clear, sunny day? You don’t even need to use this umbrella for it to shimmer under the sun, and if it starts raining – you’re set.

4. Use it as a prop in a dance.

Got a free afternoon alone or with a couple of friends and you have no idea what to do? How about making up a dance? Umbrellas are always a fun prop because they can be swung around, pointed, put up and down – watch a few clips to get inspired, like the classic Singing in the Rain sequence, Alana Wilson’s ‘Closer’ music video (featuring our umbrellas I might add), or this adorable solo rehearsal. Have fun with it!

5. Take photos with it.

Using some of the angles you discovered in the light show, or by playing around, you can take awesome photos either of yourself or the world around you as seen through the shimmery canopy! Use your surroundings to create cool effects as a background or as part of your picture – use the light to bounce holographic patterns on walls, the ground, the ceiling, or yourself! Take videos of the patterns the umbrella makes around you when you spin it, or see how it looks through various filters before you post. Make art!

6. Give it as a gift.

We haven’t met one person who doesn’t like this umbrella – which makes it a great gift idea! If you have a birthday or event coming up, think about gifting one of these mesmerising umbrellas!

7. Pretend you’re an alien.

Okay, this one is a little weird, but everyone is a little weird sometimes! Pretend you’re an alien and look at the world from a different perspective. Think about how you’d describe a cat to someone (or something) who doesn’t understand what fur is. Walk around in your holographic bubble and try to explain the things that you see with a friend or on snapchat!

8. Count how many colours you can find.

The coolest things about this umbrella is the way it refracts and reflects different colours. If you’ve got time to kill, look up and count just how many colours make up the canopy! Give them names too, not just ‘pink’ and ‘purple’, try to be as imaginative as possible. For example, that shade of pink could be ‘rose petal’, or ‘twilight dusk’.

9. Create a Holographic Set.

Once you get one holographic accessory, you’re bound to get more. Look for a holo backpack, pencil case, or shirt – they’re out there! To make it harder, look for them in op-shops and garage sales which is also more eco-friendly!

10. Take it to a festival.

Accessorise! Festivals are a great place to get dressed up – not like a formal but like a costume party! Using a holographic umbrella in the middle of Summer? That looks awesome! Need to signal to your friends – wave it around so they can see you.
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