The Best Golf Umbrellas for 2019

Rainy days are becoming more common and umbrellas are starting to be dusted off and deployed. When it comes to handheld umbrellas, nothing can beat the size and coverage of a classic golf umbrella. Continue reading to find out about the best umbrellas available this season.


The Best Overall: Blunt XL

Blunt pride themselves on their built-to-last umbrellas, outfitted with one of the most high-tech systems in handheld umbrellas in the world which has been backed up with a five year warranty. Available in a large variety of colours, windproof, and with a huge diameter of 1.38 metres. This umbrella takes the cake and certainly deserves the title of Best Golf Umbrella for 2019.

Diameter: 138cm | Warranty: 5 years |Read More Here


Best Automatic: Willow Tree Eagle Golf

Willow Tree Eagle Auto Open Golf Umbrella Black

Completely different to the Clifton Eagle series, the Willow Tree Eagle series includes a vented canopy and fibreglass ribs for added wind resistance. Unlike a large percentage of golf umbrellas, the Willow Tree Eagle has an automatic opening feature for single-hand use or quick opening in the rain. It’s also wider than many of the umbrellas on this list with a 1.35 metre diameter.

Diameter: 135cm | Warranty: 1 year | Read More Here


The Best Budget: Clifton Basic Eagle Golf

Clifton Basic Manual Golf Eagle Royal

Clifton make great umbrellas and have a large series of golf umbrellas, their most affordable range being the Eagle series. With a metal frame and a soft foam handle, the Basic Eagle golf includes everything you need in an umbrella for an excellent price.

Diameter: 131cm | Warranty: 1 year | Read More Here


The Most Fun: Shelta Rainbow Golf

Shelta Large 16 Rib Manual Rainbow Golf

The Shelta Rainbow Golf is the most colourful choice for 2019 by far. With an array of 16 vibrant colours and a diameter of 1.3 metres, this golf umbrella is perfect for standing out in a crowd, or keeping your family dry. A great choice for a splash of colour in the rain.

Diameter: 130cm | Warranty: 1 year | Read More Here


Safest in the Sun: Clifton Windpro Silver Coated

Clifton Windpro Manual Windproof Vented Silver Coated Black

With a vented double canopy, the Clifton Windpro isn’t just a wizard at navigating breezy conditions but also provides excellent sun protection. This is thanks to the specialised UV resistant silver coating on both canopies. Featuring fibreglass ribs and a metal frame, this umbrella is sturdy enough for every day use in both sun and rain.

Diameter: 131cm | Warranty: 2 years | Read More Here


Best Curved Handle: Shelta Metropolitan

Shelta Large Manual Executive Windproof Metropolitan Black

Shelta have been in the umbrella business for over a century, so when they bring out a golf umbrella specifically for the working professional- it’s a good idea to take note. The Shelta Metropolitan features a curved handle – an uncommon occurrence when it comes to golf umbrellas – as well as a polished windproof timber shaft and handle for that executive look.

Diameter: 130cm | Warranty: 1 year | Read More Here


The Best Printable: Willow Tree Straight Classic

Willow Tree Large Straight Classic Golf Wedding White

If you’re after a promotional edge during the rainy season, or a personal touch at a celebration, the Willow Tree Straight Classic is the perfect choice. The canopy is large enough for any logo or design to be printed clearly, and the windproof silver frame is a sleek, modern style that anyone would be happy with. These umbrellas are especially useful at sporting events, markets, and weddings, but they’re great for daily use too.

Diameter: 130cm | Warranty: 1 year | Read More Here
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