• Any Weather Umbrellas

    Any Weather Umbrellas
    A Polished Look in all Weather Umbrellas Did you know that Umbrellas & Parasols can add that important finishing touch to your outfit? That’s right! Designer umbrellas add a splash of colour on a rainy day when the drab landscape needs a little light. Parasols bring a fancy adornment to your formal wear. Wedding umbrellas make a statement that gets noticed whether your wedding...
  • Fashion Umbrellas Australia

    Fashion Umbrellas Australia
    In earlier days, umbrellas meant an all-black or gray colored umbrella that you had to use for any type of occasion or season. Fashion umbrellas were only available in one or two colors or in three or four colors at once. Whether you went out for office, for a beach holiday or any other purpose, fashion umbrellas Australia were lacking in creativity and innovative...
  • What's the difference between parasols and umbrellas?

    What's the difference between parasols and umbrellas?
    Parasols and umbrellas - What is the difference? It’s as simple as parasols are for sun protection while umbrellas are for rain protection. Umbrellas A hand-held device made of waterproof fabric or plastic (such as waterproof nylon or PVC) that is stretched over a series of hinges (otherwise known as ribs). Umbrellas are commonly used for protection against the rain or excessive sunlight. When...
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