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In earlier days, umbrellas meant an all-black or gray colored umbrella that you had to use for any type of occasion or season. Fashion umbrellas were only available in one or two colors or in three or four colors at once. Whether you went out for office, for a beach holiday or any other purpose, fashion umbrellas Australia were lacking in creativity and innovative designs and color. These days, however, you can find a lot of creativity and innovation in designs when it comes to fashionable umbrellas.

What Makes Fashion Umbrellas Different? Fashion umbrellas Australia today are extremely creative and are available for all types of moods. These go with any kind of outfit and you can use them day in and out.

Pictured above: Clifton Parisienne Cheetah (left), Shelta Double Cover Poppies (centre), Willow Tree Navy and White Stripe (right)

  1. Vast range of designs – The designs of fashion umbrellas are extremely creative. You can choose from a lot of designs when it comes to fashionable umbrellas. If you are a woman, you can get umbrellas in many contemporary designs.
  2. Many types of patterns – You can get fashion umbrellas Australia in many different patterns and designs, such as floral patterns. Even for kids, you can get umbrellas in animal patterns, sun and moon patterns and even in cartoon shapes. Favorite cartoon characters such as Scooby Doo, Tom, Jerry and Mickey or Donald can be found to be imprinted on these umbrellas.
  3. Stripes and prints – You can also find fashionable umbrellas coming in leopard and zebra prints and colorful stripes that can brighten any occasion. If you are on a beach holiday, you will find these to be perfect accessories for a great time on the beach.
  4. Variety of features – The umbrellas these days are also available with various useful features, such as auto open and push open. Many of these come with a button on the handles that need to be pressed on to make the umbrella open instantly or close into a small unit that can be easily folded and packed into small bags.
  5. Wide range of styles – You will also be able to get these in a wide range of styles. Whether you want a traditional style, a contemporary style or an ultra-modern style, you can get one that fits your personality and purpose.
  6. Excellent material – Many of these are made with excellent and high-quality materials. You can get windproof umbrellas that are created to withstand sudden gusts of wind during the rainy season. You will also be able to get those constructed out of special materials that grant you protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  7. Terrific construction – Most of the high-quality fashionable umbrellas coming from big brands have a solid construction which allows them to last for a long time. You can use these for many months and years with proper handling and care.
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