What's the difference between parasols and umbrellas?

Parasols and umbrellas - What is the difference?

It’s as simple as parasols are for sun protection while umbrellas are for rain protection.

Umbrellas A hand-held device made of waterproof fabric or plastic (such as waterproof nylon or PVC) that is stretched over a series of hinges (otherwise known as ribs). Umbrellas are commonly used for protection against the rain or excessive sunlight. When looking for an umbrella that serves both purposes make sure you find one with a high UPF rating and a waterproof canopy.

What’s the difference between parasols and umbrellas?

Pictured above: Big Blue Sky (left), Rainbow Golf Umbrella (centre), Straight Classic Golf Umbrella (right).

Parasol Origin: Early 17th century – From Italian word parasole; para meaning ‘protecting against’ and sole ‘sun’. A parasols a small umbrella shaped device that is generally delicate and dainty in appearance. Commonly used for protection against sunlight. Can be made from lace, satin and cotton.

What’s the difference between parasols and umbrellas?

Pictured above: Willow Tree Lace Parasol in Ivory (left), White (centre) and Black (right).

A very general rule of thumb; If it’s made from a waterproof material such as nylon or PVC, it’s an umbrella. If it’s made of cotton, lace, silk or anything else that is not waterproof, it’s a parasol.

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